Monday, 14 July 2014

The art of teaching

My dear friends,

When you are a women, most people assume that you can teach. Especially when you are a mother. What more when you are a nurse. Yes, off course you can teach because one the nurses role is to be a teacher. REALLY??? Do you REALLY BELIEVE that? Hhmnnn ......

Please don't get me wrong. I am nurse myself. I was a nurse educator. I've been in nursing for over 20 years now. Yes, some nurses give advice, some do teach and they do teach well but some others, they can't teach. They just can't transmit the knowledge to other people. They just don't have the skill and not everybody is born with the teaching skill. Doesn't matter whether you are a women or men. I believe teachers will definitely agree with me on this.

Why am I bringing this matter up? I will tell you why.

When I was a newly graduate nurse, I had a problem in learning my new role in the ward. There were many things thatI had to learn or search by my own. You know...... the old school way ...... the 'find out youself or you'll never learn' style. If you ask, you'll get scolded but if you don't ask, you will still get scolded and you may not even get the answer. But because you are also from the old school, you don't really mind. Most probably, that is the only way they know how to teach or they just don't know how to teach. Since then, I determine to learn the proper method of theaching so that I can help others by teaching them effectively and ....... guess what?  I went for a teaching methodology class.

Now, I'm back to the clinical area. An area that is full with new things to learn. An area where you'll always see new faces coming to join the nursing team. Yes, this is an area where the newly graduated nurses will come in to get their first real nursing experience. So, supposingly the organisation should have prepare this area with someone who can really teach them how to survive in this new working environment. I believe that they still assume that everybody or anybody can teach. They assign nurses who are experienced but not trained to teach. They tag the new staff with another staff. The new will get all the scolding whenever they make any mistakes. So, what did we learn? .......... nothing.

The ART of TEACHING need to be learn. There are organisation that offer courses for this. For those who always need to teach the new nurses ............. please get some help with your teaching skills. SCOLDING is not a teaching. YELLING is not teaching. SARCASM is not teaching. We are in the 21st century ..... everything is a click away. Click and upgrade yourself ....... then you can help others better.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Smart or Right Decision

Dear friends,

     Making decision is not always easy. Sometimes, when you have all the facts and you'll come into a conclusion and you decide. Sometimes, you don't have any fact but still, you have to conclude and decide. The thing is, whatever decision you make, you'll try to make the smartest, the best and the most right decision. But in real life, a 100%  perfect decision is just impossible. Whatever decision you make, you'll always take some percentage of risk.

   Why am I grumbling about making decision? It's just to answer some queries about why I quit my job. A decision that seems unwisely taken. (at least to people who doesn't know me)

     Deciding to leave my job was not an easy decision but thanks to my boss (ex-boss now), she has make it easier for me. The thought of leaving ..... was there for quite sometimes. Why? Because the job is killing me bits by bits (metaphorically .....) So, why did I accept the job in the first place? Hhmnn .....let me think. Oh, yes! Initially, I was offered with a post that I love to do .....teaching the nursing students. I love to teach and I love nursing. Gradually, I was 'upgraded' to the position that you are not so fond off, then to a position that I don't like (...but still doing it) and later to something that I don't feel right to do.( .....that is from my point of view......and makes me feel guilty)

    When you do something you love, everything seems very clear and bright but when you do something that you don't like, all the things seems to be shadowed by a dark cloud. The worst thing is, when you do something that is against your values and ethics belief, you feel like you are chased by your own guilt all the time. I just can't live with that kind of feelings, so I make up my mind, take any possible risk .........quit my job.

So, that is how I came to my conclusion and why I make the decision. Maybe, it is not my smartest decision ever but somehow it feels the most right decision I ever make for years. Sometimes, you just can't include both smart and right into your decision and you just have to choose one.

I've make my decision, please pray for my best.

Soft ...... not weak

Hi friends,

It has been a while since my last writing in this blog. I haven't stop writing but I believe some of my writings are too personal to share so, I just wrote it in my special writing book. Anyway, here I am again.

I have been a jobless soul for five months now. How does it feel? Hhmnn...... sometimes it feels very nice (no jokes .... it's true), sometimes it is depressing, sometimes .... stressful and sometime it is an unexplained feeling. It is just a mix feeling.

Anyway, one of my concern friend refers me to an organisation for a post and they called me for an interview. It was very nice to have the feelings of being wanted again. I went for the interview and everything ran smoothly.

So, what's the problem? Actually, there was no problem at all. It's just that what I add into the description of myself to make sure that people will not judge me just from my physical appearance. I told the interviewer that I'm naturally a soft person. I may look soft, I am a soft spoken person, sometimes I giggle when I'm anxious but I'm NOT a WEAK person. And she said  " I can't judge you only by your physical appearance in 30 minutes. I will still need to do an assessment based on your performance." Hhmn....... I like her already.

YES! You can't penalised a person just because she is a soft person. Just because she is physically soft, doesn't mean that she can't handle the position. Look at the resume, look at the achievement, give her a test or something before coming to a statement that YOU ARE TOO SOFT FOR THE POSITION. Anyway, I'm not applying to be a soldier or a policeman .

What I'm trying to say is ....please DO NOT perceive softness as a weakness. People can look physically soft but yet they are mentally and spiritually strong and vice versa.  As a woman, I'll be very proud if a person perceive me a soft woman because that is just natural but never ever perceive softness as a weakness because it can be demoralising.

Goodnight my friends

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Practice makes perfect but nobody's perfect ...... so, why bother to practice?

Yes, people says practise makes perfect but then we also say that nobody is perfect. Which of this is really true? Contradicting right? Then, if nobody is perfect, why bother to practise anyway? Hhmnnn ....... good question?

Yeah! It is contradicting ...... if you say it together and it is even worse if you say it to an adolescent. This was the topic that somehow started with my sister on our journey back from a wedding yesterday. Reflecting it over and over .......... it can be quite confusing and funny.

Yes! Funny. It's funny how our brain works. It always think a way on how to protect the way we feel or how we want to feel about something. Doesn't matter whether it's right or wrong, our mind always has the way on how to protect ourselves.

I'm not a perfectionist but I do want the things that I do to be as perfect as it can. Of course, nobody is perfect. I believe that as long as we are human, we will never be 100% perfect. There's always room for improvement. There's always something to learn and something new to explore. There are new things everyday. Always something different to be found each day. If that is the case, how can we call ourselves as perfect .... agree?

If that is the case, why do we have to practise then?  Of course we have to practise. This is just something came from a very creative but yet manipulative mind. We have to practise with the things or skills that we are not good with until we are good with it. Not to say that we are 100% skillful but we are sure that we can do it safely. That's perfect. Anyway, that's only one tiny part of our life ....... far from being a perfect person.

So, think about it. Are we perfect? Do we need the practise for perfection? In the end, we want our life to be good. Or course, we will never be 100% perfect but at least the practise will make us good at something. Agree?

Monday, 24 September 2012

Money, love and happiness

I had a short conversation with my friend after a swimming lesson on Saturday. It was on the evergreen topic ....... MONEY. Yeah! We can't deny that we need money and it is one of the most important aspect of our life. Some will need the money just to maintain the everyday life. Some will struggle for some extra money to have a better tomorrow and maybe for some others, it is just to add into what they already have. So, the needs of having money does not limit to any person despite of the status, the purpose or even the amount of money they already have. Basically, everybody in this world need money but the thing is ....... how much do you need or how much of money will make you happy?

 Are you happy now or  will you be happier if you have more money? Only you ... yourself ....can answer this question.

People says  money doesn't but happiness but how true it is ............ it's up to the individual. If you ask me ........ I will agree with the statement (to a certain limit). I had some moment which I have some extra money but it didn't make me happy because I did not have my family to share it with me ........... not happy. I'm just a plain family woman and being with family is very important to me. Some people, they will only be happy when they have money because if you have money ........ you can buy lots of things, eat expensive food and obviously, people wants to be with you. People are even nicer to you. Then it reminds me to what my friend said " Money can buy love ........ but not the genuine love". You know what .........? I never thought of that.

Hhmnn ....... money does not buy genuine love. How can I missed that? Maybe because I was just thinking about the happiness. Still thinking about the genuine love vs fake love. Yeah ...... I think that is also very true. That is why the ladies are running for the rich man and the guys are running for the rich ladies (vice versa) Maybe, they are just running for the money, not the person. Hhmnn .... no wonder I'm still single. Maybe because I don't have the money he..he..

Whatever it is, again ..... it's up the the individual. It's up to you. There's no right or wrong in this matter. It's your life, you have the right how to manage you life. Whether you prioritize the money or family or career, it's your choice. I think, the most important thing is, do something that will make you happy. Do it because you want to ....... not because of anybody else.Whether you're seeking for money, love or happiness, I believe ...... the best is to balance all the three.

Life is short. Let us make the best of it.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

What goes around .... comes around.

I truly believe that what ever you do in this life, it will comes back to us. If you do good, then good things will come to us but if you do otherwise, we will just just get accordingly too. Life is just a circle and it goes round and round. One day you will be on the top and some other day you might just end up at the bottom.

Yesterday, me and my colleague were just chit-chatting of what's happening in our organization. Some part-time or contract based staffs were not re-contracted after their contract finishes. The part-timer are no longer called for their services. We are just talking and trying to project about the things that's going to happen to us in the near future. Suddenly, one of my colleague came out with issues of immunity. It seems there are few people who seems to be immune or having such a high resistant toward all the commotions and she was mentioning about this particular person. This person doesn't seems to be worry even though she/he is not like by most people in the organization and  still happily putting harsh statements to other people. The thing is ........... this person is very,very well appreciated by the top management. Doesn't matter how many complains about this person, nothing will happen to her/him. So, we were wondering.

Yes, nothing happened .......YET! Sometimes, you can never tell what's going to happen to you. We must just be prepared. This person has been having this inappropriate attitude for as long as I knew the name. (about three years now). People keeps complaining about this person attitude but the miracle is ........... nothing bad happen to this person. Miracle isn't it?

Please don't get me wrong. I'm not praying for something bad to happen to this person but I'm just amazed with how ALLAH plans life for us. Subhanallah.

A PERSON with 100% immunity .......................... do they really exist? Me.....? I believe that as long as we are human, we will never be 100% immune to what we call life. In life, there's always up and down. There will always be a bumpy area even in the smooth highway. It's just how life is.

Some people are happy with hurting other people feelings. They claimed themselves as being out spoken but dont really understand the meaning of being out spoken. Being out spoken doesn't mean you can just say what ever you want without thinking of what other people might feel. Dressing up beautifully, covering all the aurat and claimed yourself as a Muslim but yet you raised you voice in every conversation and make all the inappropriate statements to anybody you like ......... what type of person are you?

I'm not commenting on any person in particular. What ever I'm writing is just from my reflections to remind me to always do good and feels good for others. I can also be very BOLD sometimes, but most of the time I'll try my best to use an appropriate words to say even when I'm angry. You'll never know how long you will be in this life or where will you be tomorrow or day after.  We can only pray for something good will be granted to us for all the good effort we put but only ALLAH knows what HE planned for us. It's only HE can decide the good and the bad for us but for every good deeds, Insyaallah good things will happen and vice versa. Whatever it is .......I still believe ....What goes around, will comes around.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

There's no harm to dream's free anyway.

Last night while I was browsing the internet, my daughter suddenly asked me to browse the picture of lamborghini cars. So, we searched for lamborghini cars image. Wow! the cars .... the kind that makes you drools. Such a beautiful car with great specifications. Immediately it caught my eyes and I select one the image to be the background of my desktop screen. Seeing my action, my daughter burst into laugh. She said 'Ma ... it's only in your dream'. Then I replied ' Sayang ....., there's no harm to dream. Success starts with a dream'.

Yes! There's no harm to dream and it's free anyway.  Actually, most of our success started with a dream. Most successful people started their story with a dream. They never stop to have their dreams and pursue it to make it real and ...... why are we stopping? Hhmnn ......then, I started reflecting my life. I think ..... lately, I don't have any dreams. That is why I feel that my life becaming so routine. I became too comfortable, too lazy to try new things, too much mumbling and grumbling.  Too comfortable that makes me so reluctant to try and venture into other things and this is NOT me. Not me at all. I used to have lots of dreams. Dreams that push me to move forward, dreams that gives me ideas, dreams that makes me who I am but now ....... I'm not sure.

Does it sound familiar to you? If it is, it means it's time to have a new dream. Dream that will lead us forward and becomes a better person with a better life, Insyaallah. Life is too short to waste and time will never wait for us. We must start to have a dream and pursue it through. Make it happen. Those who still have their dreams, congratulation to all of you. Don't stop. Dream for a better future.

My friends, doesn't matter how old we are, we should not stop to have a dream. There's no age limit and again ...... why should we stop? Just ask yourself because there's no harm to dream ..... it's free anyway.

I have a dream